Saturday, March 8, 2008

Possible Wire spin offs

"McNulty and Wife" This husband/wife detective team solves cases the
police can't: They work behind the scenes and utilize tactics other
more conventional detectives don't dare.

"Welcome Back Presbo" This unconventional teacher reaches kids the
other teachers can't.

"Freamon & Son" This overly emotional doll house furniture maker
really needs his son around to keep things on an even keel.

"Kavanagh's" Jay Landsman hears the patrons of this bar call out his
name every time he walks in.

"The Bubbles Depot" Office politics are forefront in this wacky tale
of selling paper products on the streets of Baltimore.

"The Odd Couple" Immaculate Carver and sloppy Herc share an apartment.
Wacky tension ensues.

"Bunk Moreland's House Of Style"

"Omar's Big Give"

"My Big Fat Greek Connect"