Sunday, April 27, 2008

Peter Case at McCabe's

Peter Case at McCabe's, originally uploaded by freeloosedirt.

The last few times that I've seen Peter Case, he has either deferred to the younger performers that he was sharing the stage with, or was just winging it. Or both. It was enough for me to feel reluctance in going out on my own to see him again. I think that it helped that it was on a Saturday night.

Boy am I glad that I went. Case was completely focused, rehearsed and delivered a luminous performance.

Starting off with a country blues version of "Put Down The Gun" and dipping deep into his entire body of work. He did focus on his newest cd for a 6 song run in the middle of the show.

Surrounded by guitars from years past, new guitars and embodying the history of McCabe's, Case delivered.

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