Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hoof beats: Horses or Zebras?

It is not the implausibility of not being able to say what she reads,
but the sincerity of her flailing around for some bullshit and coming
up empty answer. She doesn't read newspapers, but knows that she
should. She knows that she should be reading, but what? She didn't
know how to bluff her way out of that. What should a good rightwinger
read? What should a good rightwinger say they read? She didn't know.

No way this is an act. Or better yet, if this was an act on her part,
then Kudos to McCain/Palin; rule away. You are far superior in
anticipating whats around the corner, what people will think, what
people need to have laid out before them to form an opinion, what
people need to "go all in" being so confident in their position. If
they could construct such a brilliant strawman that in its disproving
everyone admits their mistake and comes around to what you wanted all
along, I'd be comfortable with the pair that could line that one up
and start knocking them down in such a precise order.

The sound of Zebras is that this is a brilliant "rope-a-dope"

The sound of horse hoof beats is that she's stunningly uninformed
about current events, history, and even Republican politics.

My bet is that one of her kids gets sick, and she needs to be home to
mother her child. You want to criticize that?

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