Monday, October 20, 2008

Found on Flickr: Obama Hope Stencil

Obama Hope Stencil, originally uploaded by Aidenag.

Obama Hope Stencil by Aidenag.
After many requests, here is the stencil for the pumpkin i posted yesterday. I will be adding Shepard Faireys "Change" print next(gimme a few hours) As you can see i strayed a bit from the original stencil i made(the obama logo for instance, i didnt use the grey part but instead made it part of the white untouched section of pumpkin)

Basic Instructions, carve the Black parts the deepest, the grey half of what you do the black, and keep the white with its skin on. My other advice, would be to do a solid backround, not the 2 shades the stencil i made has. In the pumpkin i carved, i did both sides of the backround to the "black" depth.

Oh yeah, Carbon paper is your friend, by far the best way to get the print onto the pumpkin. Also i would highly recommend a dremel tool, but an exacto knife would still work(it's what i used on it, though im upgrading to dremel for the next one, exacto took WAY too long)

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