Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wilco (The Mad Lib Review)

I've listened to the new Wilco ___________ (number between-1 and 1)
times and I think it's ________ (slang for male ejaculatory matter).
When I saw Wilco in ________ (year when Bill Clinton was President)
they were much better. We all know that ____________ (Bob Egan, Ken
Coomer, Max Johnson, Jay Bennett, that guy that eats nothing but
bacon) made the band what it was. Tweedy should have _________
(something that Tweedy didn't do) and made sure he never _____________
(something that he did). When I saw Wilco at ___________ (venue that
was closed for health violations, has been turned into a Starbucks or
burned down) they rocked my ________ (body part that would pixelated
if it were on TV) off. Now they are content to play music that you'd
hear on ___________ (media source that is the antithesis of what the
respondent thinks is cool). ________ (recent Wilco song or album that
I used this Mad Lib to review) is OK, but _________ (most recent Wilco
release) is really ________ (derogatory adjective). If you want to
hear something great, you should listen to ____________ (band that
really isn't very good but no one has mentioned yet, making you cool
and relevant to be first to mention them.)

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