Monday, May 3, 2010

Fools on Parade

These two with the gauged earrings, having mailed a letter at the post office, totally support the defeat of socialism

This photo was taken on the steps of the US Post Office in Simi Valley. The couple with the gauged earrings are talking with a man who is holding a large photo of Obama with a Hitler mustache.

His cohort is here, with a sign that exhorts us to impeach Obama in order to save NASA.

I was concerned that they were blocking the way of people entering or exiting the Post Office, so I decided to go inside to complain. I support their right to say whatever they want to, but people should be able to mail their letters without being accosted in such a manner. The Postal employee told me that they had called the Simi Valley Police Department, and beyond that, there was nothing much else to do. I was told that I could call the police and report that they were harassing me.

As I was leaving, I heard gauged earring woman tell the Obama-with-the-Hitler-mustache-sign-holding-guy, "We're totally with you!"

So I said, passing by, "I'm not," which elicited a "stop drinking the Obama Kool-Aid," comment. I stopped to consider if I wanted to respond, and it was then I noticed the Lyndon Larouche sticker on the bottom of the placard. The thought that came to my mind left my mouth before I could weigh the prudence of it:

"Why don't you guys just admit it? You're pissed that a Black Man is President."

That brought immediate protest that this was not the case. The gauged earring woman told me that she was against Socialism. "That's just unfair!" the Larouche sticker guy said.

"You have a Lyndon Larouche sticker; You have no defense to someone that points out your racism."

I asked the woman, "Did you just mail something in the Post Office? You realize that you've just taken advantage of "Socialized Mail Delivery,", right?" I turned to the Lyndon "Obama=a monkey" Larouche supporter, and said, "NASA is SOCIALIZED SPACE EXPLORATION!"

With that, I made a Kool-Aid drinking hand motion, rubbed my tummy and walked away.

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