Saturday, July 10, 2010

Peter Case Day

McCabe's Guitar ShopI'm guessing that if you did a google search for the word "rejuvenated," you would find a review of Peter Case's new record "Wig!" before sifting too far into the results. Nearly every review that I have read uses this word to describe the singer/songwriter within a few paragraphs of the article, if not in the first sentence.

And you can see why; where his previous record was a quiet collection of folk songs, "Wig!" is a roaring collection of garage-y blues.

Before taking the stage of McCabe's Guitar Shop on Friday night, the emcee read from a newspaper a report that the Santa Monica City Council had declared that day, "Peter Case Day."

The former Plimsouls/Nerves singer then took to the stage of McCabe's Guitar Shop with a passion that would have made his younger self proud. Peter CaseSupported by Ron Franklin on guitar and harmonica and DJ Bonebrake on drums, Case played most of the new album, and a good number of songs from his solo records, including including "I Shook His Hand," "Hidden Love," "Walking Home Late," & "Cold Trail Blues." Case also played stunning versions of Chuck Berry's "Nadine" and Dylan's "Pledging My Time." One highlight was a new take on a song from his first solo record, a song titled "New Old Blue Car." Another one was "Banks of the River," the opening song from "Wig!". After that song, a fan yelled out, "Play that one again!" Between each song, Case would tell a quick anecdote, or provide some background on the song he was about to play. Once, while switching guitars and momentarily losing the cable he needed to connect the amp, Case remarked, "I guess the roadies got Peter Case Day off."

Before playing the last song "House Rent Party," Case was presented with the proclamation from a Santa Monica City Councilman.

How did you spend your Peter Case Day?

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