Thursday, March 14, 2013

14/365 - My Dad's 45s

14/365 - My Dad's 45s, originally uploaded by freeloosedirt.
I came across these records yesterday while gathering up my old home brewing equipment to give to my friend Dan. If my hazy childhood memories are correct, I believe this box of records is from a birthday party my mother threw for my father in December of 1971. She rented a jukebox and purchased 45s of my Dad's favorite songs to use in it. They put it in the family room that was in the lower part of our Kansas City split-level. I remember sitting there listening to the songs play while the guests argued politics. I listened intently and found myself agreeing with the mutton-chopped man wearing a turtleneck and jacket. He was alone in supporting McGovern, but wasn't going down without a fight. I don't think that my parents appreciated that this discord over politics was happening at their party, but 40 years later I remember that moment with fondness. Who else thinks listening to music on a jukebox and arguing politics sounds like fun? Mutton chops and turtlenecks not required.


Gene Goodale said...

This is the stuff of Art, Fred. Great work.

Fred Rockwood said...

Thanks Gene. I'm still waiting for someone to notice the reference to The Band. Too subtle?